Membership Guidelines

1) You must have attended at least two meetings of the Western Reserve Poodle Club
before applying for membership.

2) Along with the application for membership, you should receive a copy of the W.R.P.C.
Constitution & By-Laws and Code of Ethics. Study them carefully, since you agree to
abide by them when you apply for membership.

3) Fill out the membership application along with a check for $30.00 per person and give
it to the Membership Chairperson. (each family member must fill out an application and
pay the $30 dues)

4) Application must be endorsed by two members in good standing. In addition to signing the
Membership Application, the two endorsing members must send letters endorsing the applicant
to the Membership Chairperson. This should be done as soon as possible to avoid delay
in processing the application. (Note: The letters of endorsement must be on file before
any action can be taken by the Membership Committee)