Rescue in General

The Western Reserve Poodle Club Rescue and Rescue Referral is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of homeless poodles in northeast Ohio.

Adoptions of rescued poodles from WRPC

We are a totally volunteer organization that works with veterinarians, shelters, families and other rescue organizations to care for and re-home poodles. Before placement, of rescued poodles, all dogs are spayed or neutered, heartworm tested, vaccinated and groomed. Any volunteer fosters are members of The Western Reserve Poodle Club.

All medical information is fully disclosed to new owners. When possible, the dogs are placed in foster homes that provide love and patience to help the animals adjust before being adopted. While being fostered, it’s possible to do an accurate temperament evaluation.

There is a fee associated with each adoption (this can vary and usually is in the range of $150-$350); these fees are used to defray the costs of veterinary charges, housing, etc.

FYI – We are located in the northeast Ohio area. We do not ship poodles.

If you are outside this area, please go to the Poodle Club of America website to find a referral in your area.

Referrals from WRPC

Fortunately, we do not have an overabundance of poodles in our care at most times.

Therefore, we may be able to assist the prospective adoptee with a Referral method: these are dogs that are currently in a safe environment, but need a new home due to various circumstances; the owner will house the dog until someone is referred to them.

These dogs, however, have not been evaluated by The Western Reserve Poodle Club. The health history/status of each dog has been verified with the dog’s veterinarian, but we can make no guarantee as to the accuracy of the information provided by the referring party. These referrals are provided as a courtesy, in an effort to find the dog a loving and more permanent home. The referral dogs are not housed by WRPC members. They are dogs that the current owner is attempting to find a new home for whatever reason.

Please fill out this application completely {Adoption Application Here} or {Surrender Application Here}.  It will be sent to our Rescue Committee automatically via email.  We will then add you to our list and will contact you when a poodle becomes available or if there are homes available for re-homing.

General questions regarding Adoption/Rescue/Referral


Rescue Voice Mail:  440-520-3154

Note: the email and voice mail will be checked every week, and a response will be forthcoming at that time.